domingo, 1 de enero de 2012


The world is in a very dangerous situation. I am not saying anything new or original. Europe is in bankruptcy, the Middle East is an ongoing exploding situation, Asia is unpredictable and Latin America is dying under the stupidity of Marxists dictators.

The most significant event, however, is to watch your great country losing its leadership. The United States was, and always has been, the last defense of liberty. Your country, by saving Europe from Hitler and from the Soviet Union, saved the entire world. But you are losing the battle against your own errors. The welfare state, the deficit spending, and the great and dangerous power of the Federal State, has produced an incredible situation: default, bankruptcy of the Federal State, jeopardize the future of the US Dollar, and limit your own individual liberties. This path goes to a typical third world condition (a situation I know...)

In order to solve this terrible situation, you have to go back. Where? To your Founding Fathers’ principles and to recover the spirit of your Independence Declaration. To limited government, private property, sound money, gold standard, free market and individual liberty. You have to abolish the Federal Reserve and the welfare state, destroying in this way the great monster the Federal Goverment has become, a monster who is conducting you all to the destruction of your great country.

Now you have an opportunity. This opportunity has a name: Ron Paul. He´s just a human being, he is not superman, and precisely because you do not need a superman in Washington DC this is a valuable aspect. For a super-state you need a super-man, for a limited government, you just need a limited man willing to respect and defend your nation principles. Ron Paul is just a libertarian. He is the only one who is able to debate with Obama with strong, new and different ideas. He is the only man in politics with a different point of view you have. Give him an opportunity. It´s not just another election. It´s about the entire future for your great country; it´s about the entire future for the entire world.

(*) I thank Nicolás Cachanosky for helping me with my written English.

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Edgar Duarte dijo...

Well said, Gabriel!

Dolores dijo...


a traves de un blog que sigo diariamente me encontre con un link a este articulo tuyo... como votante en USA lo voy a pensar, el tema es encontrar un candidato viable que encarne los valores...

te tengo que escribir con mas calma, pero tenemos que hablar de Ayn Rand... me gustaria conocer tu opinion..

Feliz Año Nuevo!!

Dolores dijo...

otro comentario, Ron Paul no tiene chances de ser presidente de USA (IMHO) porque es muy reaccionario, ideal para hacer de watchdog, pero no para hacerce cargo del "arte de lo posible"... además no comparto muchas de sus ideas de politica exterior... yo no lo voy a votar... pero los otros candidatos tampoco me gustan mucho.. el que me parecía más potable se bajó de la interna republicana y a Obama no lo voy a votar ni borracha (by the way, estoy registrada como independiente porque ninguno de los dos partidos dominantes me convence)